Septic Systems and Enviromental Regulations

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Hi all I am new to septic systems and am looking at a multi family property currently on septic but fairly close to a CO OP like sewer line. The septic system has been replaced in the last 2 years and pumped and certified 6 months ago. I still intend to get my own inspection and certification. Either way I don't have any major concerns about the septic itself. However the property is located close an impacted water body and over the course of the next 2 to 3 years there is a study being conducted to determine if the septic systems in my area are contributing to the pollution of the river. I am planning for the worst case scenario and that the county/state will require all the homes about 30 in my area to connect to sewer. Talking with the CO OP like sewer company they estimate the cost to construct the new line would be about $300k then each home have to pay an annexation fee and cost to actually probably $20k-$30k. I have talked to the county and them seem to think that if connections to the sewer become mandated it will be 8 to 10 years down the line before everyone is required to connect. I am trying to find historical examples of how all of this gets paid for but have come up short also no one from the county can say anything for sure. I wanted to know if any one out there has had similar issues and how it ended getting worked out?

I wouldnt worry too much , first go see if the line being extended is on the books to get done . They will probably charge a front foot assessment for the 30K . You will still have to pay to run the line from the house .  Now for the good news , if its planned to be done for sure , buy all the vacant lots around that dont perc  , buy cheap .The minute sewer comes thru , they are $$$$  lots .

@Steve Kachniewicz  Nothing is set in stone the current co op will not use their members money to extend the sewer line. I am assuming/hoping that the county or state will end up fronting the money to extend the line maybe do a bond or special tax assessment to recoup the money spent.

I still would like to find someone who has dealt with an issue like this