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I brought my taxes to a larger CPA in the Milwaukee area around the beginning of April and they are still not done. I called about two weeks ago and they said that there were three people ahead of me. I called back today and they said there were 12 people ahead of me. I told the receptionist that it has been three months and I will be taking my taxes to someone else. She didn't seem to care. Just writing to ensure that I am not being unreasonable. We have never had our taxes done by a CPA before, but figured it would be ready in a week or two. Three months seems incredibly long. They did file an extension for us, but nothing else was done. Thanks for all replies. 

Wow.  Yeah.  That's just wrong.  Call and speak to somebody other than the receptionist and tell them you'll be coming to pick up all of your paperwork and tell them why.

Search around on BP and get a referral to a CPA that will help you out.  Doesn't have to be a larger firm to get a highly knowledgeable preparer.

That is unacceptable. They should be able to give you a more concrete timeline. And to be changing the number of clients in front of you is just terrible business. I would take your business elsewhere if I were you. There are probably plenty of CPAs in your area of Wisconsin. Also, if you want to raise hell, go to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website ( Notify the agency that you'd like to register a complaint against this individual. Also, you'll want to inquire into whether this person is even an actual CPA and what his license status is (e.g. current and clean, suspended, revoked, etc.). It will be the responsibility of Wisconsin's Department of Safety and Professional Services to levy any sanctions against the CPA. 

There are many good CPA out there and I'm sorry to hear that you've had to deal with this bad one (if indeed, he is a CPA at all).

@Jason V. Yeah that is way too long. I'll admit that after April 15th, I've been turning around client work slower than normal, but (not that this is an excuse) I'm a one man shop and have a 9-5. I'm also trying to work on developing business systems to allow for scalability, which takes time away from client work (that's not an excuse either!). 

That said, I communicate with my clients openly and often. I couldn't imagine not speaking with a client for months to keep them updated on my progress. And then when they do end up calling, telling them I have clients in front of them instead of just saying what it probably is "I forgot." Yikes. 

I agree with @Linda Weygant in that the bigger firms don't necessarily mean more knowledgeable. I'd suggest going with a smaller firm for better service quality. The relationship will be more intimate and the customer service will likely significantly improve. Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions. 

And..... What is the problem. Are you in a hurry to give the government your life history? 

First thing, it may be just words but you did not deliver taxes to your CPa, you gave them documents about your business. Taxes are payments demanded by governments. The CPA uses the docs to calculate what the government demands of you in the form of tax payments.


I, for the last many years(maybe ten or so) I have filed extensions and finished filing my return by the latest possible date. And now that means late September. No hurry for me. In fact, I just feel that I don't want to be forced to work for the government. In fact to me it an immoral system that by default requires people to be forced to hire help(CPA's) to file a tax return. Immoral that they allow CPA's to be called self employed when in actual fact, they are actually indirect(or direct) employees of the federal government. De facto IRS agents.

If the CPA is backed up, that means they do a lot of business. The return will not be late until after October 15t. Or take you documents to another.

Life is good.

Signed by:

Arlan Potter, CPA

I have left a CPA in the Mequon area (near Milwaukee) for taking too long. This particular CPA did not respond to any form of communication as to how long my taxes would take to file. Its fine to be backed up, its another thing to ignore your clients. 

@Arlan Potter if your clients are owed money you would let the government keep the money as long as possible??? It IS late, I have better use for my money than the government. Life is not good, get a new CPA. 

I am going with another CPA and will be making my thoughts known on the other company's social media website. I will most likely be getting a refund this year, but someone had already filed taxes using my identity so I expect a delay from the IRS. This just compounded my problem. Thanks for all the replies. 

@Hernan B. if he is owed money then the government has already used his money for 6 months(average) anyway. I try not to pay any taxes early. As late as possible, because like you said, the government pays no interest. He definitely should get an new tax preparer if he is not pleased with what he is paying for. 

PS     I do not practice public accounting. I don't do tax returns. I object to the income tax system. I would rather see a sale tax only system. Anything but a system that makes me pay more taxes simply because I work harder or am smarter than my neighbor. I take up just as much space as him. Tax me for what I have, or spend, but not what to I earn.

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