Hi guys. I'm student from Poland, and I think that my occupation might be advantage, from real estate point of view. In comparison to US market, Polish market is underdeveloped, especially if we're looking for strategics and knowledge related to making money through real estates in web. Some english real estates terms aren't even translated. Do you have any ideas how one can use this difference? Some things that no longer work in fully developed market as US that still might be good for Poland? I'm aware that question is very vague, but I'll be happy with some clues. 

Second question is related to my studies. I have dissertation to write (to get my degree). Ways to finance real estate investment. First part will be all about common ways, as credit on mortgage etc. but the second one will be about uncommon ways. Do you have any books that you can recommend about it? I mean every sort of financing even those a bit unreal in real world. More is better. 

ps: thanks for patience, and understanding for my not so perfect grammar ; )