Michigan is so much more than Detroit... Grand Rapids is ranked #3 in the nation for growth

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In the past week, a couple of great articles have called out why Michigan is such a great place.  Most people think that MI is only Detroit, but Detroit only makes up one small part of this amazing state.  

@Brandon Turner - those $500 Detroit houses don't tell the full story:)

Recently, Grand Rapids was ranked #3 in the nation for economic growth.  Denver & Houston took the top two spots.  Here is the article.


Then MI was ranked as the #1 state by Thrillist.


A little good press goes a long way:)  We love living in MI & enjoying all it has to offer!

I lived in mid Michigan for a dozen years and have family in Grand Rapids.  Michigan is a terrific state with beautiful outdoor recreation areas.  It is MUCH more than just Detroit.  

And I agree that GR is a nice city, if you can handle the winters.  I have not priced it out for investment properties, but it seems like it would have potential.

@Ann Howell - the winters here make one appreciate the summer SO much more:)

@Kyle Dee - are you buying more for the monthly cash flow or for the appreciation?  I am having trouble finding properties (in the GR area) where the numbers make sense for our cash flow targets.  Any thoughts on the GR market is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!