Should I pay my real estate agent for a deal that didn't work out?

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Long story short, my real estate agent and I have been chasing after a deal for about 2 months and now it's looking like it's probably not going to go through.  This deal has been a huge pain for everyone involved.  My real estate agent has gone above and beyond the call of duty on doing everything I've asked her to do and I feel terrible about her walking away empty handed.  I would never be able to afford to pay her for all the time she spent on this, but I'm wondering if $300 would help her feel better about all the time she spent on this?  Am I crazy?  Should I do this?  Would you do this?

I always abide by the principal that "a workman is worthy of his wages".  I would vote to pay her the $300 and then I would also loom for opportunities to get her paid on other deals, even if she isn't really doing much. For instance, you find a deal yourself, but you allow her to present you and get the buyer's agent portion of the commission. Just a thought. 

@Arthur E.

 You could send your real estate agent some gift depending on what they like.  

Agents get most of their clients through word of mouth of well satisfied clients. So refer the agent to any friends and family looking to buy or sell.

I would get her a generous gift card to an expensive restaurant, and definitely write her some good reviews.  Agents often do deals that never get to closing, so she's used to that...that's why commissions are so high for homes that do close.  But, if one of my clients acknowledged the work I did and thanked me for a job well done, it would make my day.

Many great ideas here, but I have an old fashioned idea.  Write a hand written thank you letter and mail it to her.  I actually don't like the monetary gift, as it suggests that the $300 is all her time was worth.  (you stated it was more)  Possibly a gift card to a nice restaurant with the card would be nice.

Although it has been said, referrals.  Send lots of business her way.  If she really worked that hard for you, let others know.

Just so I don't look cheap with the "go for a gift card in lieu of the money.

My Realtor usually gets me a $50 gift card when I sell a house with him.  This is a nice gesture, but if he simply gave me $50, I would think it was weird.   

@Reed Starkey  I really don't like the monetary $300 either.  I agree that it comes across as saying "this is what I think your time was worth."  I would much rather have the gift card to dinner as more of a token of appreciation rather than payment for services. 

@Arthur Edmund It's sweet that you are acknowledging her hard work here as it is.  

Thanks for the feedback, All!  I offered her $300 and she wouldn't take it!  She said "We'll have none of that, you stay positive, and we're going to get you a house!"

I like her even more now!