where are you all finding properties?

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I've just been looking on Craigslist thus far. 

Do you all use realtors to find your properties? Other sources? 

I'm looking for owner financing with tenants already in place anywhere in Florida but I prefer South Florida..... If this helps. 

I spend a lot of time on realtor.com ... when I find a property I'm interested in, I'll track down the owner and see if they have anything else like it.

I also drive the neighborhoods where my rentals are located, to see if anyone is putting up FSBO signs.

But far and away the most effective way that I've found rentals for sale is by networking with and talking to other landlords in my area.

Hi @Brittaney Woods ,

Where are you looking in South Florida? 

I see you're located in Miami, as am I. Locating owner-financing deals in this area is tough because competition is high and most investment purchases are all cash. Doesn't mean you can't find an owner who is interested in seller financing, but it's rare. 

You'll likely have to locate and negotiate with the seller yourself (which would require direct marketing, networking/prospecting to find owners (ie Craigslist), etc.). That said, I can't speak for all areas in South Florida. 

I think it makes sense first to define an area and go from there. 

Also, depends on what you're purchasing. I assume you're referring to SFH or small multi-family properties? Owner financing is more common when you're talking about 5+ units or commercial properties.