Newbie: Need of rehab suggestions for a duplex in Camp Hill, PA

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I am in need of some decision making process since I am new to investing in real estate. I am interested in a multi-family home in Camp Hill, PA. Following are the key points:

  • This is a 2 unit property in Camp Hill, PA.
  • Unit 1: 2B, 1FB, 1278 sq.ft
  • Unit 2: 2B, 1FB, 1142 sq.ft
  • Cumberland County
  • Year Built: 1974
  • Heating: Oil
  • On street parking
  • LP: $209,000

Both units need some repair work to be done. I noticed some mold in the shower area and also some on the walls of the lower unit. It might be from the kitchen which is right on top of the room in the lower unit having paint peeling off. Also the appliances are old and need to be replaced. The basement has marks of water running in from the walls through the windows in the basement. I did notice the surrounding grating needs some work and the water needs to be managed better around the house.

Any suggestions on how much would the repair costs on this could be? I am new to this and want to start investing in such duplexes. Any suggestions will be very helpful to me.


The #1 thing you need to look into is converting the Oil heat into gas.  Oil heat is wildly expensive, and it just keeps getting more expensive.  You need a means of heat that will not scare away tenants with the price, or worse, that you have to pay for.  This is not a cheap ordeal, but it's not always cost prohibitive.

It sounds like there's some work to do as it relates to water ... in, around, and under the house.  An inspection should give you a better idea of what's going on there.

How much do you expect to charge in rent?  What are the taxes?

@Mark Nolan : Thank you for your suggestion. It really has a lot of useful information Mark. I will keep that in mind.

@Jeremy Pace : Thank you for that tip on the heating equipment. I was not aware of the oil heat VS gas heat expenses. 

I am planning to charge around $1000 in rent. The total tax is $3280.

What are your thoughts on the 203k with FHA loan?


@Pratul Singh

I think 203k loans are great, but they're a lot of work to obtain.  I'm also not 100% sure that you'll need one in this case.

Also, you're probably going to be coming out of pocket just a little but while you live there, but that's not too bad, because one day you'll move out and rent both, and that will be nice!