Houston's Most Active Subdivisions- Spreadsheet

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Hello everyone. I posted in the forum a little over a week ago asking what people thought the best subdivisions in Houston are for investors. Mostly in an effort to drum up conversation. I didn't get any responses to that question but had people messaging me and commenting saying that the discussion would be interesting. 

Working as a wholesaler, I have a good idea of what neighborhoods tend to be better than others. I needed more than that though. I needed facts and figures. I decided to find out for myself what neighborhoods are the best for investors. For the past week I have been working on this spreadsheet. I created it by manually pulling data from the MLS and presenting it in a way where you can get an idea of what subdivisions are promising and why, in as real-time as possible.

Everyone has their opinions on how to tell if a particular market is ideal for an investment. On top of that there is a plethora of ways to invest in real estate and there are probably hundreds of different ways to analyze property investments and project outcomes. The variables that are used in this spreadsheet are based on my experience and knowledge of the market and are purely an opinion. (Professional Opinion)

I wanted to create a spreadsheet not just for myself, but to put the information out there to make it free and public. It's difficult to obtain this kind of data because for the most part, you have to do it manually. I've spent more than a week now, going through every subdivision in the city of Houston (Thanks to HAR and Excel) and filtering through the results to break this list down to the top 34 subdivisions. 

I pulled data from April 8th of 2014 - July 8th of 2014 & April 8th 2015 - July 8th 2015. What I was trying to highlight was inventory, appreciation, days on market, and activity in our current market. If you flip, wholesale, you're a landlord or shopping for somewhere to live, this data can be helpful to you. Ideally this will drum up some real conversation and bring in some perspectives from others. 

I hope that this is helpful to people, if not, at least interesting. Let me know if there are any questions.

Interested to see how the Houston market fairs over the next two quarters. Oil prices are going down with Iran, officespace is starting to turn, and yet SFR hit all time high this month. Could be at the top of a wave with a slight correction? No idea, but we're definitely being more selective for deals at the moment.

On HAR today they released the market stats for June. Even though the data says we are doing better than ever, they mentioned there would probably be a market correction later this year. 

From my perspective as a wholesaler working with investors, I don't see a slowdown on the investment side. The investors that put buying on pause to wait for margins to open up, are now jumping in. Less people are deciding to sit back and wait until the market cools off. People are paying more for property and are getting higher offers on their homes.