Selecting an Upcoming Area

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@Dustin Fisher

 It is kinda hard to explain... for me it is gut instinct.  I look at what is going on in the area, are new buildings going up, are buildings being boarded up, what types of business is coming to the area, what do the neighboring areas look like, where is the path of progress heading...

By the time it is being written about as "hot" and "up and coming"  it is too late

I have an area in mind with new businesses going up. The main street looks good but the houses are not up to standard with the area. I guess what I'm saying is the main street and community looks great but the houses not so much. I have a "gut feeling" this is a good area to invest. I didn't know if there were magic numbers to put into a formula to track the market.

If the main street looks good and businesses are investing there, that is a great sign.  Have you noticed any renovations in the area? Another great sign.  As a realtor, I do a lot of research into an area to analyze sales trends.  Another thing to try is to go to county offices and get a copy of the master plan.  It usually contains a wealth of information.