Finding a good deal

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Hello BP,

I am a part time investor (I have my full time job), I live and work in south Seattle, I have few rental properties (in other states) which I acquired them before I have enough knowledge about RE investment. A couple months ago I decided to focus on learning about RE investing, and start reading books, including Brandon Turner’s No (and Low) Money Down, completed class such as Ben Leybovich’s CFFU, went to some seminars and workshops in Seattle, and still learning and searching for a deal, but the more knowledge I gain the harder it gets to get a good deal. Any RE investors club/meet ups? Small Multifamily Wholesales in or around Tacoma, WA? Or any investor’s advice on RE market south Seattle area? (Tacoma, Lakewood, etc.)

@Zeresenai Mengistu as Derek said, check out REIA. I belong to that group and have been very happy with the connections and education there.

of course, you can always lean on a real estate broker working with investors.  that never hurts.  

I don't know about Olympia, but in Seattle we have REAPS. They have meetings every month as well as invite well knows speakers. Also, go to and search for real estate meetups in your area