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I'm looking for someone that can help me return calls on direct mail leads.  Has anyone ever tried to hired a salesperson? I'm not looking to qualify the leads.  I'm looking for someone that can actual close a deal.  Any advice on where I can find this type of person? Would be great to find someone with sales experience and real estate experience.  

@Michael Digman

I don't believe finding this person will be easy.. well finding and holding on to them. Once they have a good feel for it and if they are a good salesman as you would like I would assume they would just start wholesaling on their own. I know a lot of investors use Virtual Assistance, but more for screening than selling.

Yeah, I'm aware.  Not planning on showing my hand.  Just the one sales piece.  Not marketing, not contracts...just call them talk them into it.  Pass the details on.  Next.  That's how it would work in my head anyway :D

Michael, I managed sales reps for over 30 years. Good ones are hard to find and are in great demand. Others have bad habits and some are trainable. Compensation is key as well as the ability to make sales. Getting a sale stimulates them to repeat the process over and over and thereby making you and them money.

Making a hundred calls and not closing a deal starts to drain on you and then you start to dread the calls and the job! They need positive reinforcement often to make them happy. Teamwork is also critical.