Looking at Mobile AL

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My partners and I heard a lot of good things about Mobile AL.  We want to buy a few houses in that area.  Can anyone give me the contact information for a couple agents and/or property managers.  Also, if anyone can tell us what areas would be good parts to invest in and what areas we should avoid, that would be a great help.



@Josh Bakhshi

     I live in Mobile, Al. and have owned rental property here since 2001. I am more than happy to point you in the right direction for some realtors and some property managers in the area. I can also give you some of my opinions on different areas of town. Feel free to send me a PM with more information about the types of areas and properties you are looking for and I can see what I can do for you. Sometimes my schedule gets a little hectic so sending an email directly to my email address (in my signature) is a better way to ensure I get your message. I think Mobile, Al. is a great place to invest and will improve over the next few years. Good luck to you and welcome to BP! 

@Josh Bakhshi

You may want to look at Spanish Fort, AL and Daphne AL if you are looking for Buy and Hold.  The county population growth is great, the public schools are outstanding (which draws in quality families), and its an easy commute to work in Mobile, AL. 

I currently own a Rental in Mobile County, and primary residence in Baldwin County (Spanish Fort, AL). My wife and I purchased over in Spanish Fort primarily for the schools. We are now looking to sign a contract on a SFH in Daphne next week which will be another rental.

Matthew G. Jones