Denver Multi-Family

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Hello All-

Thinking of moving to the Denver Area in the coming months and have been looking at small multi-families to purchase.  I would be looking to do some house hacking and live in one unit and rent the rest of the units out.  I have been doing some research and like the Uptown/ Capital Hill and the Highlands neighborhoods.  Would love to get some input on these neighborhoods as well as any other places that people think would be good investments.  Any insight would be appreciated!

Those are to very good areas that have seen great improvements over the last five years. Plus they are some of te most expensive neighborhoods in denver:/. From what I can tell it seems like the highlands is slowly creeping north towards the Berkeley neighborhood which is by regis university. Little more rough but seems to be improving over time. Golden is another hot spot but has already been so improved. I live in lakewood and you can probably find some opportunities on the colfax corridor (either be down town colfax or very far west). In general, the good areas are west, north west, south, south west, and south east for the metropolitan areas. Anything down town is super hot right now. Five points is being improved though. Sorry for the scattered thoughts. Hope it helps.

If you want something that is in one of the sought after and more expensive areas then you've selected the right area. If you want something that has more potential then you've got to spread the radius from downtown a bit more. There are more places besides the downtown area that have some good potential, but you've got to look at them correctly. Let me know if you want any help in your search. 

@Kevin Andrews I would say that most of the hack has been removed from those areas. I haven't seen any livable multis in those areas that would allow you to rent half and live for free unless you did some serious fixing. If you move to areas with "potential" you might be able to score something that comes close.

thank you all for your thoughts! Agreed that I have chosen two desirable neighborhoods. Current evaluating a couple different investing strategies for the area. As I continue to weigh my options I'll probably be reaching back out:). Thanks again!

Hey Parker!

I ended up buying a duplex in the Rosedale neighborhood.  We currently focus on LT Airbnb guests and it's been a great strategy for us!  The area has gentrified significantly (along with most of Denver), but from a cashflow perspective, we effectively have our mortgage paid for when we are occupied.  House hacking was a great way to get our feet wet while building our portfolio.  Happy to answer any questions you may have on the process/ strategy!