McDonough GA investors?

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I'm from Watertown, NY and looking to move down to the McDonough area this fall/winter with my wife and relocate with my job. I have a duplex that I rent now and am looking to sell as there aren't many if any reputable management companies around. I wasn't sure how the market is down there to invest. Seems like a lot of foreclosures, not many duplexs, a lot of apartment buildings. I'd say from my research the average rent for a 2/1 would be $650-800/mo? I would like to buy a duplex if the numbers work out, but am also looking to do a flip. Is there more opportunity for private funding there? I haven't had much luck where I am.

Thanks for any help!

Thanks Steve! I sent you a request. I've been to McDonough around 7 times so I have a sense of the area but would like to learn more, mainly the good and bad areas.

That sounds good Cara! I'm working on relocating now and trying to sell my house. It would be nice to talk to you since you're in the area :)