Kansas City or Memphis for first Turnkey Property?

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@Rob Scarborough good question. I bet someone with MLS access could answer that for you with a simple search.

Here is an article describing how developing the Village West (Legends) shopping area impacted KCK: http://www.post-gazette.com/news/nation/2006/12/22....

I guess my point is that Cerner at the racetrack was additive and the hope and possibility, I'd say likelihood, is that in the long term Cerner at Bannister will be transformative for the area in the way Village West was for KCK.

- John

@Dawn Vought

Here is the planned development:

I would view most developments of this scale with a skeptical eye.  Planning a 4.5 billion development is easier than making it happen.  That said, Cerner is the real deal.  I worked there before going to law school.  They have the vision, drive and money to do it.  As an example, in my group at Cerner we signed 1-2 new contracts every month.  The last one we signed before I left was a $300 million deal.

- John

Just to add to the Cerner development question and the Bannister/435 area.  Cerner has a large campus north, in North KC.  A small town right next to it called Avondale is much like the Bannister area, low income housing, SF and C class apartments.  Cerner has been in this area since its beginning and the Avondale area has not benefited from it.  Associates here want to live in one of four key areas:  Liberty/Parkville, Prairie Village Area (Mission Hills/Brookside), Kansas side (overland park) or Way South, near Leawood or further south past Leawood.  These are nicer areas that bring a lot of amenities and good school districts.  The KC, MO side near Bannister has some of the worse school districts in the state.  Just keep that in mind when looking to invest in this area.  You may be able to get Single individuals to buy, but the folks with children going to school the only option would be to send them to private school which is what most people do down in that area.  

@Josh Rodgers that is true.  I can attest, the presence of the current Cerner WHQ did not bring the decent selection of restaurants we all wanted to the area.  Also to your point, in my neighborhood which is over 25 miles away from Cerner WHQ in Johnson county (even before the racetrack campus) had a number of Cerner people.  From my house I could see three others.  People are willing to drive to live in a better area.