wholesaling: which marketing strategy brings the most leads???

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Hello, I am a newbie to the real estate market, I went to a seminar and probate leads really caught my attention. I want to find out which marketing strategy brings the most leads? I was pretty confused when i went to the court house to look up leads. I'm working with limited funds, so i need a good, cheap strategy lol. Thanks. 

@Jacqueline Feliciano

Which problem are you most comfortable solving?

Probate, Tax lens.  Ect

Im not sure, I want to get into wholesaling, but it seem kind of confusing. I thought probates might be the easiest but when I went down to the courthouse, i didn't understand what i needed to write down. 

...I know, I know. You just want to fly big jets.

You went to a preview seminar with Banks or the Yo Dude guy from FL and they pitched you a dream. 

Since you don't know what problems to solve, maybe you should learn what the problems look like first in order to solve them later (after you have studied real estate fundamentals)?

Drive neighborhoods, record addresses of houses that need improvements, send letters to property owners at least 8 times.

# 2 join your local REIA and network with people and other wholesalers

# 3 let eevsrybody know what you do and remind them every 6months

#4 when u make money, build a good website and promote your site to get leads

@Jacqueline Feliciano





1. Study the problems to solve

2 Find (1) you are most currently comfortable with solving. 


Probate = mostly family a death issues

Tax = mostly income issues ect...

You will be most successful working in areas you are comfortable speaking with people about and then grow as a person from there into other areas. 

Start with only 1 if you don't it will be hard early to make money. 

Probate records have information you can use to reach the person(s) responsible for the property. Executor or probate attorney, and their contact info. Maybe you can access the information online through the county website, if they have one. Otherwise, read what you need to be getting off that documentation, as it usually costs for access and print outs.

The executor or attorney will have to be contacted to see if there is interest in selling and for how much. Are there any repairs needed? Run your numbers first before contacting them. You need to make an offer on the first call. Let them think and digest about it as there may be other obvious factors they may be dealing with. Contact them again after a couple of weeks. Or they may call you. If they accept, perform your dud diligence.

Make sure you have your funding and your numbers figured out before you contact them. You may not need proof of funds, but you need to be able to pull the trigger when you come to agreement with the owners for the purchase and all that costs.

The more you know about the place when you buy it, the more you can list on your flip to entice buyers right away. You should already have a buyer's list (even just one buyer) and know their criteria. 

Maybe a little more training is what you need for now until you feel comfortable.

Hello Jacqueline,

To answer your questions in the simplest form.

1. The deceased name and the address of the property they left behind.

2. The Docking Number / File number. ( ask anyone who works there where its at )

3. The person who now owns the estate / property ( Executrix, Executor, Administrator )

4. The person who now owns the property personal address ( This is where you mail to )

Note* Do not mission the death! Just say, I'm interested in purchasing your property located at "blah, blah, blah", and I will be paying in CASH. Please call me at 555-555-5555. and whatever other touches you'll like but keep it extremely short.

one of my coaching students did this 

@Michael Quarles Aside from impeding your trainee's social and sex life, has the car made them any money?


I have two deals from my wrapped van so I'm certain he will do well.  And I'm certain his sex life doesn't impede his willingness to do what it takes to be successful.  

after all I wrapped my Bentley. Kind of anyway.  

thank you guys, I was thinking of buying magnets to go on my car.  

I don't know your market but it might be possible that you would learn more and make more money starting out as an agent. You could do everything a wholesaler does ie, find deals for investors as well as sell houses retail. Just a thought, good luck

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