Finding a Realtor

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I'm not sure if this is in the right section but I was wondering if anyone has any advice about finding a realtor.  I am looking to purchase my first investment property and I'm looking for houses in the 30k range but I can't find any realtors that are willing to show me the properties.  They are polite on the phone and say they will set up a showing and then I never hear from them again so I'm assuming it's because of the price range I'm looking at.  It is becoming a little frustrating because this has happened about 4 times now.  Any suggestions?

Be willing to kick in some extra commission, so they gross at least $1500 on their side.  On a $30k property they'll gross$900, less probably half in splits/transaction fees.  Just doesn't make sense to spend much time on these as an agent.

I second what @Wayne Brooks says.  You are going to need to offer to pay an agent out of your pocket.  If it is a 5% commission house at that price, and they have a 50% split with their broker as many younger agents do...after they agent will make about $225 on a property that price.  I likely would turn down showing properties in that price range as well unless you wanted to pay me an hourly rate.  You would likely have to pay someone a $100 an hour, and keep in mind that they are still working after the property is under contract with all the back and forth with the lender, title company etc. So you would need to factor those hours in too.