Your absolute BEST way to find motivated sellers?

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I am working closely with a real estate agent and I am drawing a blank of the most efficient way to find motivated sellers. After a few sub bar but fruitful tactics (cold calling) I thought I would ask the bigger pockets network. We are really just getting started so we could really use a few quick successes to get the momentum on our side. Thanks y'all.

Are you trying to buy property or sell the owners insurance?

Suggest you find the common element and follow the trail. 

When I really began to really get momentum going in my business I had revisited the rabbit trails and fishing holes of my youth. I looked for where people traveled and where they stopped when in trouble. 

I had some success marketing directly to people who had problems they either could not or were not willing to solve themselves. Ultimately, I found after mastering my craft, I could be a go-to guy and then the expert the trust advisors would seek out. Today that's attorneys and certain types of other government and private professionals.

How do you intend to add value?

By obtaining trust of homeowners in properties who previously thought they couldn't sell their property. By contacting absent land lords who no longer want to work with a property they don't want. Taking a property off of the hands of someone trying to downsize. I have to FIND those people first. 

@James Poe

That is Grandma's secret recipe for her cookies.  I found these deals by pounding the pavement.  Talk to everyone, get used to hearing no a bunch, and have the agent be a secondary asset. I built my business on digging every day like an animal for organic leads and built my local reputation up over time.  If this is something you are truly committed to, you have to be willing to take the time to do the ground work before that real deal pops up.  Don't be afraid to throw some money at whatever avenue you choose to drum up leads.  

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