Anyone used ALLURE Vinyl Interlocking Planks??

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I just bought an office condo to house a full time worker for back office items. The front entrance door to hallway is currently what I thought were old wood floors. Flooring guy comes by today and looks at re-sanding. Checks out the floor and says it is engineered wood and 3/8's level 5 and cannot be re-sanded. There is also some water damage. Over the 12 years some water would come in from concrete slope entrance on the outside as there is no overhang. I think tenants also had some plants there as well. Water issue is dried and just to wood floors in certain spots.

I got an amazing price on this unit and it is an awesome area so knew I would need to spend some money as the carpets need replacing also but everything else is great.

They check the wood floor and it is glued down to subfloor. They didn't recommend hardwood floor at front entrance or laminate or engineered because not waterproof from outside rain etc. occasionally coming in etc.

I thought of slate tile but they said the 3/8 engineered wood the door barely clears opening now. If I put slate on top of subfloor then you have to balance it out to prevent cracking and would raise the floor height to where the fiberglass front door would not open anymore.

So after all of that process the VCT tile was recommended. The look of wood or slate but would be waterproof. The interlocking is waterproof versus the vinyl plank you stick on is water resistant and can come up later the corners etc. Based on that the interlocking sounds best. The store guy said I might could go over existing wood floor but that would raise the height to much for front door to open. Wood guy mentioned self leveling agent for the subfloor before putting interlocking on once we remove old wood floor.

I have already took off some moulding on the sides and luckily it is one price of trim. Wood floor guys said sometimes it breaks if put on in multiple pieces. Wood floor is glued down but I was able to get a piece up rather easily today.   


I am looking at vintage oak cinnamon from allure ultra interlocking at 2.98 sq ft to buy. Hope I can find cheaper.

Joel, I've used it several times. It is durable and good for wet areas.  I like it over laminate for rentals.   I see it in commercial applications, even in retail stores with high traffic.  

Just read what I wrote.  I like it better than laminate for rentals, not over laid.  

I use it in EVERY SINGLE RENTAL.  Adheres to uneven floors, gives a great look, is durable, and it goes down so easy and fast.  Go for it. 

@Joel Owens , the only downside is that for the first week or so, you will be overwhelmed with the smell of vinyl. That said, it is amazing, great for areas that get wet - holds up to standing water, and looks great. Once the smell evaporates, people will have a hard time telling the difference between it and real wood.

No legal advice given! :)

I have not personally used it, but I have heard great things about it. 

Thanks everyone.

The interlocking Allure uses a floating floor. I have read problems with bouncy floors or pop outs.

I am still on the fence with it. I have 3/8 engineered now. Another thought was to get real wood 3/8's with a seal on top installed. Then if scuffed down the road in 10 years I can get it re-sanded and stained again.

The place I am getting carpet from is local in business 30 years and has 12 months same as cash deal going on ( they have wood floors also ). So I thought I might can get nicer stuff and spread out over 12 months its no big deal.

I have sub floor so read if Allure goes on sub floor versus concrete there is more give and issues. I will talk to company tomorrow as they are doing measurements. I already measured but this company only accepts their own.   

I do not know about the allure band one but I used the Vesdura brand one from and love it so far. Also a click together floating installation but less money :-) Also, easy enough to install myself which also saves me some money. It also is low VOC so not so smelly. They will send you free samples so you can see it before you buy. Hope that helps.  

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