Real estate license with felony.

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Currently living in southwest florida interested in getting my real estate license. I have a felony from 2009 for some THC, was wondering how this would affect my chances of getting the license. I am aware that felons can get their license, if anyone that has done this could help with the steps needed to apply, get approved and any recommendations for classes would be greatly appreciated.

All you can do is state your case, show rehab, good record since the offense, apply and see what happens. IMO, if you're within 5 years of the offense, forget it. It's important to show rehab or clean record thereafter. It also depends on the severity of the offense, possession or dealing, without details, can't say. You need to shoe the new leaf turned over. Good luck :) 

@Cody Breunig dont get too caught up with the license. There are many ways you can get good at this. Learn a market, the inventory and what motivates buyers and sellers. Look at everything logically and ask yourself why transactions are taking place. There are many ways to start. One option: contracting. Where is the money going. Kitchens? Floors? Why is that? Find ways to get good at it. Earn and accumulate. Buy your own units. Make them more appealing than your competitors. Keep buying more properties. When the time is right, trade your properties for better ones. Increase your cash flow. Learn cash flow and why it matters. Build your team. Be the best in town. Expand beyond your area. Think big! There is your start...

hey I'm glad this topic came up, I've recently chose that direction and hope to make it more than just a hobby. Thanks Brian for that insight into real estate. I am just beginning this so I will update my status periodically.