When would you forego an inspection?

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Are there any situations that might cause you to skip an inspection? I have a prop under contract that is pretty new(built in 2011). I did a walk through and everything looks good. And I know the seller on this particular deal isn't going to give anything away if I find some small issues. I am of the opinion that I might just get a warranty and proceed to close. I may also be able to get an hvac and roofer out to this prop for nothing? Thoughts?

I generally forego an inspection if I am buying a condo. I always inspect on SFH/MFH. Since I typically have a handyman go with my when I look at the house I already know about the small stuff but an inspector (especially know who does a lot of work in the area) should catch the big stuff (structural issues) or neighborhood problems (asbestos). I had to walk away from a property that I thought was a great deal when an inspector caught a structural problem and recommended demoing the house and starting again. While you probably won't have problems, it is worth the couple hundred dollars to ensure that you won't have problem. : ) Teresa

Not having an inspection is an excellent idea, IF you want to make a mistake.  Sometimes what seem like minor things end up being a lot larger than they seem. Spend the money for an inspection.