South West Florida Wholesalers...Where are they???

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I will be relocating to South west Florida in a few months. I have been doing conducting some due diligence in hopes of having somewhat of a head start prior to arriving. I am taking my online R.E. courses. I have been studying the markets and much as I possibly can. I have also searched BP for discussions in this part of Florida. I have come to the conclusion that there arent many "Wholesalers" in this area. Whenever someone brings up the topic...Someone will shoot them down by saying "Read 475". Is this the reason why??? Please Enlighten me.....any and all info I can get is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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@Esaul Viramontes, here is a previous related thread:-

And here is THAT chapter:-

Common consensus around BP is that if you are intending to regularly wholesale in Florida - get your RE License! Cheers...

 Sweet Thnx for the links........I should be licensed and ready as soon as Im there! 

If you go to there is a link to report unlicensed activity. You can also check to see if someone has had complaints filed against them for unlicensed activity. Bottom line: acting illegally and brokering without a license is a felony. As a licensed agent, it is even more important to act ethically, honestly, and within the law. 

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@Esaul Viramontes. Where in SWFL are you relocating to?  A lot of cash buying down here going on. You will be competing with many investment companies. Are you wanting to become a wholeseller or just utilize them for deals they have found?

I am planning on being somewhere around Sarasota county area. I am mostly interested in utilizing them for the deals that they have found. I will be licensed down there and will have access to the MLS...However if I can have another source of Leads that would be great as well.

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I do not know much about the Sarasota area but if you find something you would like to partner with let me know. My business partner and I would like to explore outside this market a bit.

 That sounds great! I'll send over a connect request :)

@Nicholas Crum

My name is Duriel taylor, allow me to ask are you aggressively active in the wolesaling sector of real estate? If so I would be more than honored to partner with you and also learn from you if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care and enjoy your day.