My goal for this month: 4 Deals

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Ps: We are talking single family deals only here. I am however looking for some multi family to hold but those won't be counted in this arrangement.

My business partner and I decided enough was enough. We need steady deal flow. So for this month we are going to close 4 deals. How?!?!?!? 

Dropping over 2,500 pieces of mail (we do this every month) 

Digging through the MLS (man I like having this access)

Craig's List

Farming my old list of people we've spoken to

How are we doing so far........ 

One deal locked up with an assignment already penned. Closing is on the 14th. 

We have two other deals under contract. Verbal offer on one already. Will be signing papers on that one tomorrow. 

Looks like we may have 2/4 in the bag. I'll update tomorrow if she signs on the dotted line.

Looking for a buyer for #3  already have a few folks interested.

I can't rely on my mail to provide that guaranteed #4 so I'm making an offer per day on MLS deals as is my business partner. Should be able to get 1 deal (hopefully MORE!) on 60 offers.