Using classified ads to target motivated sellers

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Morning BP Fam,

About a month ago I was on the phone with a friend (who is 25 years older then me) to schedule a meeting for that day. He said he wanted to run to the store to grab a coffee and the paper before we met. In my head I was thinking "who the hell reads the paper still??" 

That's when it hit me, people reading the local paper these days would most likely be over the age of 50, be financially stable and not interested in dealing with distressed properties anymore... MOTIVATED SELLERS!

I placed ads in my local paper which I haven't done in years and the results have been great! First the cost for 2 weeks in my local paper is $70.00 and it brings 4 leads per week. 10 years ago I paid $70.00 per day.

I've made several offers but I typically do not lock in my deals till the 3rd follow up around 45 to 60 days from the initial offer. I'll update my results on this but just wanted to share that if you are not using classifieds give it a shot. It's proven to me that its a very low cost strategy to generate new leads!

I'd love to hear what's effective marketing for you! Please share your strategies in this post