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I'm a new investor and I'm interested in moving to and purchasing a property in the central Florida area through the HUD program. I'm not familiar with HUD at all, and was wondering if anyone had some advice on where to look or even who to contact to make an offer on a property?

@Jamey Newman

Hi Jamey,

I am with an investor friendly title company here in central FL and I am a HUD approved closing agent so I close lots of these HUD home deals. As a title agent that works with mostly investors I cannot disclose how you can go about purchasing properties through HUD but if you need help with the closing process please let me know. I am sure you will get lots of good information from investors on here about purchasing from HUD.

Thank you!

@Jamey Newman I am an investor friendly agent with a HUD registered broker here in the Orlando area. If you need someone to explain the process and submit offers I can.

There is a website that you can track HUD listings by county.

If you are making HUD offers from out of the area there are a few extra steps that need to be taken to submit offers and tender a closing. HUD really wants to be local and physically visit the property but there is a workaround.

As @Ryan Kopczyk mentioned you need a HUD registered title company for closing your transactions. The buyer's chosen title agent must be indicated on the purchase contract when signed. He runs a local investor friendly title company and is active on BP.

Let me know if I can be of assistance. 

@Jamey Newman I hope your investing in Hud Homes have been successful and you have been able to start, if I am not mistaken ( previous NY Realtor 2012 no longer active) the difference between a regular closing and a Hud Homes is the fact, with a Hud Home you only put 3.5% percent down as opposed with a conventional home where you put down 20% percent of the purchase price.

With Hud Homes it is also a program designed to help those who want to become home owners and can not put down the traditional amount.

There are more details that are involved and I will also explain that the 3.5% down was relevant at the time I was licensed as a Realtor.