prospecting leads as an agent

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Many people here at the office like to cold call people to get their listing leads.  When is it a good time to do it? Most people are working mon-fri from 9-5, so should i not cold call during those hours? 

what other inexpensive way to get listing leads do you like without cold calling out of a phone book?

Hi Devin, you have to be very careful with cold calling nowadays. No call lists can bite you. I've had a lot of luck walking neighborhoods on a Saturday morning. I shake hands and introduce myself. I've had other success visiting small businesses in my area. Face to face is always the better way to go. 

@Jason Hern  is absolutely right about the no-call lists. You will have to check to ensure your leads aren’t on them before you give them a call. Of course cold calling only goes uphill from there but it is a necessary evil in my opinion.

I've seen contrasting data in which one reports shows that 8-10am when people are on their way to work, and 4-5pm when they’re on their way home are the best time frame. I've also seen and heard that 9am-1pm works well too.

An inexpensive way to generate leads and build your network is to be social, and network. I constantly seek opportunities to meet people who had no idea I exist, and often times we find value in connecting. And more often than not, it’s at events where there are food and drinks. Me personally, I’d love to bump into an investor at the events that I attend.

I haven't gone door to door although I hear and read all the time that it is paramount for success for agents.

@Devin Mann Cold calling is an absolute waste of time.  You should set up a systematic marketing system to your sphere of influence.  So many agents overlook this.  I get about 50% of my business from referrals from people I know.  Then Every Door Direct Mail to a farming area.  Also get out to business networking groups.  

Real estate is a relationship business. Market to your relationships...create new relationships.