Selling A Lot Have Questions

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Have a family member who owns a lot in Pennsylvania and doing some research to help him. The lot is part of a community with about 157 homes in the community in PA.

1) If we wanted to send a postcard to each of the 157 home owners in the community where the lot is located presently and offer them a raffle chance of $100 to owning the lot is this legal to do this and what is the best way to handle this legally if this is allowed

2) If the lot does not pass the perk test - what suggestions do you have on what to do with the property can i still offer a raffle on the property and what other ideas do you have at least get some money out of it 

@Edwin De leon

Why not market and sell for them? Even if you just list it on something free like LandWatch to get the phone ringing with interested buyers?

By only targeting that small local list you are missing a ton of interested buyers. Now with resources such as Google Earth we can really get a great view of properties. I have had many sales with out of state buyers, that never see the property until months after they own it.

Hope this helps! Jill

1. Ask an attorney

2. If perk test fails, I'd check zoning and perhaps HOA? and find out what it can be used for.  Then see answer 1.

Also, seriously, see #1.  I've seen writing contests for properties but never a raffle which would (in NYS) be considered gambling (games of chance) and also involving US Postal service which gosh they have rules about all sorts of stuff you can/can't do via mail.  I know there are specifics about games of chance in NY in general but I suspect if it involves RE you're getting into all sorts of additional legal issues. So, see 1 so that you don't end up in jail! ;)  I assume every state is going to be different in terms of what you can/can't do in terms of a raffle.