Los Angeles Wholesale/Flip

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Hello there, I have been reading BP on and off for about a year.  The best Real Estate Forum hands down.  And I need your HELP

First of, I am not a Wholesaler, not a flipper and have not done anything like this before.

I came across a property in Los Angeles, where the seller is in some legal bind(legal fees not property related).  He needs to sell the property asap.  I did my comp as much as I can do on redfin and zillow and the comps are 325k - 400k.

This property is not in beverly hills, but also not the worst area of los angeles.

Please note I am looking for someone who lives/ or does business in Los Angeles as a Flipper.  Wholesaling would be the last option for me, I want to mainly learn from this opportunity and make some money while doing it with a Flipper. 

This is a mixed use property with shop in the front and residence in the back. 

Also if anyone can suggest me any form or document that I should get signed by any potential flipper before I send them the address that would be great.  

We can look at the property Friday or Saturday. 

If you are a flipper, please send me one of your recent post on BP or some flips I want to make sure you are a real deal and not a wholesaler who wants to split(which would be the last option if it makes sense)

If this deal goes through, I will list all the info (how i found the property and how much i made)

thank you.

@Asif M.

I would recommend going to your local REIA and finding any experienced investors there. I know you want to be cautious about putting too much detail on here, but i don't know how much traction you're going to get with that little detail. Do you have the property under contract?

@Cornelius Charles undefined

Cornelius thank you for your response, I was thinking later that my posting may come across as a wholesale listing.  Which is not my intent.  

on the bright side I did meet someone over the weekend and we checked out the property.  Will see if sell considers our offer. 

thank you again for your response. 

Roy Lhanie

No sir a little late to the party. But if you want you can pm me and let me know what is your criteria for properties and area.

Thank you