Deltona, Florida- New investor looking into this area

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Good evening,

I'm a Northeast person looking at purchasing a property in Deltona, Florida and I'm curious if anyone has any experience in the area?  Any pieces of advice when I go to look at the property.  

This would be my first investment property (of many hopefully) and advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I lived in Deltona for six years. We bought our first house there in 2005 and it became a rental and 2011.   The only reason we still own it is it's increasing in value by about 6%-7% each year  and we're waiting for it to reach the break even point At which we bought it.   Then we will 1031 for a propert closer to us. Deltona is a good blue-collar neighborhood with easy access to the highways and it's 25 minutes from the beach. We would have bought more houses there when the market tank, but I couldn't get anyone to loan us money on investment properties in that area.