Real Estate Accountability Group - Bay Area

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Hello BP'ers, I am looking to start a small real estate accountability group (also called mastermind groups).  This would consist of 3-5 people (ideally in the bay area) that are very serious about accelerating their real estate investment goals and learning.  I have been in one of these before for another area of my life and it was very effective.  Depending on the individuals involved this would either be an in person or skype/google hangout call.  Depending on the groups needs it could we a monthly or weekly call.  They usually last between 1-2 hours and review everyone's goals and progress (steps to achieve them) along with helping each other out...that is the real purpose.  To help each other achieve their goals and learn from one another.  

Let me know if you are interested!!!


Hi Kyle,

Your post caught my eye as I have been meaning to post basically the exact same thing for quite a while. I used to have a great mastermind group for general business goals. Since becoming obsessed with REI in the last year or so I've been thinking that I really should find/start an REI specific group to reinforce my efforts. If we were to form up together it would probably need to be via Skype/google hangout, but it would be nice that we could meet in person without too much trouble. I'm about 2 hours north of SF.

I was looking through some of your posts. What ended up happening with the 4plex in Oakland? 

I'm crazy busy right now with three houses in remodel plus day job, family, etc. but I have been meaning to do the group thing for a while. I know it will help me stay focused and continue my acceleration, so maybe now's the time.  

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@Kyle Rosseau

Hello gentlemen.  I think a real estate accountability group is a fantastic idea. As a disclaimer, I'm not affiliated with any professional RE organization and I am re-establishing myself since moving to the bay area.  I do not have extensive capital reserves, am quite busy with work and family, do not currently own any investment properties, but am very interested in learning more about RE.  

- Chris


I am interested as well. I own 2 rental properties and currently building out a third unit in sf. Plan on selling that unit and then investing proceeds and some other reserves in a multifamily (or two) in the east bay. Let me know if you get this set up.


I am in Oakland and this sounds like a great idea. I am a CPA and have a full time job, but have plenty of time to meet up. Own one duplex looking at getting another in next 10 months (if I can find one!). Let's get together. 

Hello all,

I, too, would love to join up in a group like this. I'm in Oakland and working on my first real flip in Concord right now (did a live in flip in SoCal previously). My focus is fix and flip in the short term but would like to get into the hold side of things in the next 12-18 months. I would love to connect with other investors in the area.

I'm also a licensed real estate agent. My email [email protected]


I'd be interested in a group like this. I have a fourplex in San Jose but am looking to buy more property in Oakland. I am a licensed broker, and also a CPA (though I don't practice). I have a flexible schedule and would love to meet up.

@Kyle Rosseau

I too am interested. I'm an agent in San Jose but long term I'd love to be a buy and hold investor. I currently own one in las Vegas. The google hangout will make it really convenient for everyone too. Let me know if you'd need any help setting this up.

This sounds interesting to me.  My husband and I currently have 3 rental units, and I'm looking to get into the flip business since I've done a lot of remodeling in the past with much success. This sounds like a wonderful learning and sharing forum opportunity.


I am interested in joining your group. My partner and I are starting a real estate investing business in the Bay Area and would like to network with people interested in real estate in the area. My email is [removed email address]