Duplex that cash flows

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I have a friend that owns a dulpex that has about 120k in equity and cash flows 600 a month after everything is said and done.  It need about 3k to fix the top floor. I have the ability to possibly be the 1st to make an offer.  Its in a great local in Northern Cal There could possible seller financing any advice?   

It's hard to understand your question due to grammar errors. If you are asking about advice about buying this place from your friend, I would go over the actual income and expenses and see if there is any deferred maintenance. I would also recommend reading more BP articles and forum posts relating to what you are looking for specifically. There are a lot of experienced investors who contribute to the forums. I would be astonished if the questions you have are not answered in the forums.

@Erik Lindquist , depends on the numbers, like any other potential deal. Giving you the first chance to make an Offer doesn't prove that they will accept a lower-than-market Offer. Nice to have possible Seller Finance option though.

Would you like to share those numbers here? Cheers...