Showing a wholesale property

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I know Wholesaling has been a hot topic lately but if it's done right it can really make people happy and make things easier for sellers and investors.  Okay my pitch is done,

I am wondering how other wholesalers show properties to investors without feeling like they are bothering the seller.  Yes i am upfront about what we do but showing 2 or 3 investors over a period of a few days and doing an inspection can be a burden on the seller (especially if they dont live there) , yes if its a deal it'll sell quickly but investors still need to see it and inspectors still need to inspect.   So my question is, have any of you shown a property to multiple investors at the same time to make it easier on the seller? or is that a bad idea? 

When Im selling an investment property I will schedule showings back to back and even overlap them. Its easier on the tenants since I can get a few showings done in a couple hours all at once as opposed to one showing at a time several times in a week. It also creates some urgency when one buyer sees another buyer at the property. Try scheduling the showings back to back. Honestly, if you are accurate with your rehab cost estimate and your ARV is realistic, you shouldnt need more than a couple showings (one even). Good luck @Ken T. .

@Josh Robbins ohh man, its been a LONG TIME, When i was there the houses were in reallly bad shape.  Holes in the wall, but we didn't care, we were paying $350 in rent.  The hot streets were myrtle and the one that was a block north of it, started with an H... but times have most likely changed, sorry i cant give you any better advice.

@Ken T. thanks for getting back to me. The street you're thinking of is Highland Ave. And I don't know if you've been to Fitchburg lately but from the looks of it, not much has changed :). But I feel your pain, 90% of the places I went to when I was in school have different names now or just don't exist.