Foundation (previous work) how to get the report does it matter..

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As the title suggests, there was previous work performed on the SFR (1400 sqft) 4/2 in 2008.

The public records show the Engineering Executive Summary Report of recommendations and also the foundation consultant company that performed the repairs NOC.

While the engineering company has a good descriptive summary and many references to the Florida Statutes, the NOC just lists "foundation repair" with no other description of work that would be done.

I called both companies to get a copy of the actual final report and neither would relinquish a copy because I'm not the "owner". I explained this is a house that was foreclosed upon and now the bank "owns" it and is selling it. Both pointed fingers to the bank and the insurance company noted on the engineers executive summary and said they would need to approve a release.

I spent some time on the phone with the insurance company, gave them the claim# and address and finally they came back and said that by law they could only release this to the previous owners. I explained to them that this is a foreclosure and they are no longer in the picture. Got nowhere....

I've asked my agent to find out if the list agent can get something from the bank since the engineering company and the consultant company spoke of the bank as a source that may have this report, or, grant to them releasing a copy to me.

At the time the county did inspect and sign off on the permitted work.

There is a local company here called Ram Jack that does foundation above surface evaluations and repairs. I know I can get them to look at the house but it will only be to the degree of what is above surface and they then make recommendations to have an engineering company ( duh :(] ). 

The work that was done was based on the evaluation recommendation of "long term construction  material shrinkage, deterioration consistent with age of the structure, and differential foundation movement". snippet from summary. The engineering company recommended "subsurface soils be improved to minimize further subsidence damage. Soil improvement should be accomplished through grout injection points to compact and improve the density of sandy soils beneath the home. Upon completion of the grouting program, we recommend the foundation along the  perimeter of the home be stabilized using underpinning piles."

For those expressly familiar with purchasing/looking at and evaluating SFR with foundation work, how important is it that I get my hands on the actual report of work that was performed?

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Foundation repair is structural and subject to The Florida Building Code. Building permit(s) and inspection approvals would be required. Check with the local building department to find out if permit(s) were obtained. Building permit(s) and associated documentation is public record and should be available upon request. Any engineering reports and a description of the proposed work should be contained in that information. You may also find names of contractors who performed the work and  benefit from any plan review or field inspection notes.