I am looking for a mentor in the Salem, Or area

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Hi BP nation,

I've been a member of BP for over a year now and haven't done any thing yet. About a year and a half ago I went to a Montolongo 3 day seminar, recently they called me and are offering to provide mentorship for $4,500 for a year. That seems a bit high to me. I agree that a mentor should not be expected to help me for nothing, but I don't know what a reasonable price range would be.

 I would like to find a local, hands on mentor in the Salem, Or area. I have some education from the seminar, but without experience it is becoming a but jumbled. 

I am unemployed so my schedule is very flexible. 

I would appreciate any contacts and we can discuss in more detail.

I don't know any in that physical area but online there are plenty a great one to check out is jay Morrison in his program you guys could talk on the phone web everything it's amazing and not expensive

@Michael W. and @Damion Byros , other reviews on BP about Jay's Academy have suggested that there is no need to pay for any of the information you would get there - because all the same education is available FREE either on Youtube or even here on BP (You can Search: "Jay Morrison"). Also, most cities have regular (free / cheap) Meetups for just this purpose.

If you can afford $1000's, then keep those dollars as a deposit on your first deal! Post potential deal analysis numbers on the Forum, and the feedback you get will likely be as good as from a "personal" Mentor. (Did that sound like wise Mentor advice? Free)! Cheers...

Thanks everyone for your input, I decided to not pay for Montolongo's system. I have an REI meeting Thursday night, I've been there a few times before and some of them know me, so I'm going to swallow my pride (I'm ashamed for not having done a deal yet, and I've been going off and on for over a year) and ask for help.

Hey Michael, I'm not smart enough to be a mentor, yet, but I do know plumbing, if you need any questions answered in the plumbing category just ask. I'm also down the road from you in Grants Pass. Good Luck. Terry