Sales Pricing Strategy--Zillow

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So you have a property that you plan on selling for about $150K. Should you list at $149,900 or $150,000? The Buyer-Psychology camp will say $149,900. But wait--if you are relying on Zillow as the site where your customer is going to find you, know that you'll miss much of your audience if you place at the $149,900 mark. Why? One of Zillow's price tiers is $150K. By listing at $150K, people searching at $100K to $150K, AND people searching at $150K to $200K will find you--not just the $100K to $150K group. It's easy to learn the tiers for Zillow and Trulia--search for a property by price points and see.The same holds true for your MLS if your MLS has tiers. Happy selling.