Affordable Motivated Seller Lead Generating Websites

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Hello fellow BP attendees! I was wondering if anyone out there could offer a good affordable "motivated seller lead generating" website that can help a beginning business get off the ground. I looked in to Zbuyer and they cost $679 a month! (Yikes) I also looked into another website that was cheaper, but it was giving me properties that were already listed on the MLS. I would like an affordable/reasonable site that generates off market and motivated leads. If there is a website that anyone could recommend, and can say without a doubt is affordable and has motivated off market leads I would be ever so grateful! Thank you fellow BP attendees and I wish everyone great success in their endeavors!!

Hi @Chantel Green websites are usually a horrible way to generate motivated seller leads. The main reason for this is due to competition. You get larger companies doing a lot of Search Engine Optimization in local markets and larger companies paying lots of money for Ads. A better source of motivated seller leads might be direct mail, bandit signs, contacting For Sale By Owners or a whole host of other marketing activities you can do. You can also try driving for dollars (e.g. looking for vacant houses) or cultivating some bird dogs to do that for you. All that being said, I highly recommend finding strong cash buyers first that you can sell the properties to first and find out exactly what they are looking for. 

Good luck generating your motivated seller leads and getting deals done! 

Hey @Marvin McTaw , thank you so much for that info. I actually have been doing the bandit signs, and I have some vacant property addresses that I have sent letters to the owners about but I have had no luck in getting a response from either one; that's why I was asking about websites. But I will try the postal campaign and see how that works out, thank you again for taking the time to respond to my post, you have a blessed one!  

Hey @Chantel Green you generally have to send out mail in large enough quantities for it to have any meaningful results. You can't send out 10 mailers and expect results. Your mailers need to be in the 100's or 1000's to see the kind of results you want. To get 100 seller leads, you're generally going to have to contact multiples of that...even in the case of contacting For Sale By Owners! 

If you do want to spend money and set up a website, you can check out They have turnkey investor websites you might be able to use.

Good luck to you in your real estate investing business! Hope my suggestions help!