Commercial vs residential investment

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hello all,

Can anyone suggest a good book to pick up to learn about commercial properties and investing. It's def more lucrative than residential but does it require a lot more money to begin? 

How to get started with investing in shopping plazas and things of that nature. 


You will need 30% down and will get a shorter (20-25) variable rate term on commercial properties.  More risk = more potential rewards.  I would not suggest going into commercial not housing properties if you don't know how different they are than residential as it's a completely different game.

A good book? I'd say read from the people who are investing in real estate every day. The numbers speak volumes. What Bruce said is true in most cases. Although, I've been told recently Fannie Mae is doing 90%ltv on commercial properties $1m or less with 5 or more units. 10% down is a lot better than 30% but no different if you don't have the money down. I'll be verifying the veracity of the above very soon. As I've already found some excellent cash flowing properties under $1m