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I see houses I am interested in on  I see they are advertised as occupied when I drive by they look darn vacant,,,but cant say for sure.  It SAYS right on their site its a crime to tresspass or bother tenants in any way.

Do YOU knock on the door, peer thru the windows anyway???  Are you uncomfortable with buying a house you havent seen the inside of??And possible defects it holds?  I have seen a few houses the foundation is completely junk,toast.  HOW do you compensate for that in auction bidding?

What would happen if you found out later it was a horrific murder scene etc?

OR do they let you look inside sometimes?

I see these houses that look good from the outside but yet havent sold on numerous times of multiple online auctions.  Will they disclose their reserve?

I have never bought on, but I have seen the same notices. Trespassing is a crime. However, knockin on someones door is not the same thing as tresspassing. There is no way it is a crime to knock on a door. If it is I have some people to talk to the town about.  Now if someone asks you to leave you should leave. Otherwise I say knock.  I must admit though I have never bought an occupied forclosure. Or any forclosure actually.