General contractor replacing roof?

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Hello everyone, 

I recently received a bid (surprisingly the lowest one so far) to tear off and replace a roof. However, I found out he's a GC and he doesn't have a roofing license. Is it normal for GC's to work on roofs? This just seemed kind of odd to me. 

I believe as a GC you are able to sub-contract that out and it is included in your licensing. Some contractors have a specific license for roofing, others have a license for General Contracting. That's how it is here in MN but it may be a bit different in Illinois. Probably best to know if he is licensed (as a GC), bonded, and insured. 

Here's a post that is similar to yours:

Most of the time a GC is able to do the roofing part in most states. 

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If you don't mind, can you share the details of your quote. 

What is the GC charging you for the roof repairs, how many squares are included on the quote, what is the resheeting with plywood or OSB. what is the thickness that is required by the village or town per their code.

I have a great roofer who will just do the roof, I know his prices, and based on the info, and I can tell you if your GC's price is the best price or not.

You can PM me the details if you like.