Zillow versus Realtor.com?

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I have seen a difference between Zillow versus Realgor.com on the same address? For instance on Zillow I saw a property listed as an auction, lender owned for $136,000. But it is listed as $249,900 on Realtor.com with no comments about being lender owned. I have found this on a lot of other properties. What site do I trust?

I hope this is the right forum for this post.

@Mike Selander The discrepancy might be that if the property is in fact bank owned and being auctioned off, Zillow might show the original bid for the auction, and Realtor.com might show what the list price is for the property. I have seen this with Hubzu properties. In addition, The minimum bid amount can be misleading as it may not be close to the reserve required by the bank to sell the property. In reality they may both be right, just sourcing differently. Hope this helps!