Property Management Co in Pittsburgh, PA

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So its been about a year since the last thread on property management companies in Pittsburgh, so I would really like to get some newer input.  Who do you like?  What firms have you left?  Who would you recommend? 

The names I have floating around are: 

MACE, Arbors, WIN, Equity, Crown, Craig/Craig, Steiner, Real Property Management - Who am I missing?  

Some things  I am looking for in a firm are: 

- tech savvy and automated processes (including payments) 
- experience with out of state investors 
- great attention to detail
- great communication skills 

This will be to manage 2 to 4 SFHs in the Pittsburgh area.  

Thanks for your input!  

@Michelle Mapp I work for Craig/Craig, so I'm a little biased.

They do a good job, and (my favorite feature) they are open to reasonable negotiation on fees.

MACE seems to be pretty popular in the local REIA, they're at just about every meeting rubbing elbows.

Their are a couple other places you may consider, too ... depending on where the units are located:

Herbert Halsband Properties

CA Properties