Sewer/Plumbing Scope on Triplex in Escrow Akron Ohio

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I just entered escrow on a triplex in Akron Ohio. I have been seeing in the forums many people suggesting part of the inspection be a sewer scope. My inspector does not do that. From the threads I've read a plumber should be called to check it. Anyone in Akron have a recommendation for who to use and anything else I should be looking for.

I want to thank you all. I am a newby and learning a lot!

@Ronda R. I would recommend it always, even if you buy outside of Akron proper and have to pay $240 to have a camera run through it. With the age of the stock in most of NE Ohio it is a well placed.dollar to protect you against a common problem. If your clay  line is down 9 feet and you are 20 from the road you need to know it up front.

Where did you end up buying?