Anyone here from Grand Rapids Michigan

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I live in the Grand Rapids area and have been involved in real estate for 4 years. My wife and I are ready to start investing in flips and rentals and am looking to connect with others in the area that have had some success with this. I am new to bigger pockets and looking to grow in relationship with other real estate investors local and on this site

Michael Scott

@Michael Scott Welcome to BP! You have stumbled upon a gold mine. Dig away!! You can start by clicking on the Network tab and search for fellow members by zip code. Another way to find persons in Grand Rapids is to set up keyword alerts for 'grand rapids', 'michigan', or zip codes and neighborhoods that you are interested in.

Hope this helps!


E. Harris

@Michael Scott Welcome to BP! This site is full of great information. I am a local realtor and investor in GR. I would be more than happy to connect with you on any questions you may have regarding either flips or rentals. What kind of real estate have you been involved with for the last 4 years?