Best way to develop leads?

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I'm a real estate investor newer to real estate and really struggling to find pocket styled listings. Looking for homes that have about a 15-20% profit and I am having the simple struggle of developing enough leads. Advice? 

@Nojan Radfar That's an excellent start! Keep implementing all of those methods! I am not sure how long you have been doing it but it does take time. What is your exit strategy? Figuring that out will help you determine if your desired ROI is realistic. Understanding your market will help with that too. 15-20% profit margins may not work in your market. I would hate for you to get discouraged and miss out on the 5-10% profit margin deals because you were too busy looking for the homerun. 5% of one deal is always better than 100% of no deal ;-)

Hope this helps!


E. Harris