Buyers/Leads in Houston Wholesaling

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Good Afternoon everyone,

So I'm taking action. That's what it's all about. I'm in Houston and ready to start with wholesaling. I've ordered my first set of 20 bandit signs, I'm getting ready to sent out 50 mailed letters as "Happy Thanksgiving cards from Fortunepaq" (that's all I can afford right now lol) and I've created a website ([REMOVED]).. I'm hoping within the next few weeks I get some leads. Anyone else in Houston just starting or already established?

Good Afternoon @Account Closed

I've recently got into wholesaling myself and I'm also in Houston.  You are absolutely right about "Taking Action"!!!  I learned quickly how real "Analysis Paralysis" is and snapped out of it quickly.  I just started writing my yellow letters(100) last night and will be sending them out sometime this week. I will be targeting Absentee Owners btw.  What side of town are you going to be marketing to?

@Benjamin Blackburn Exactly.  Analysis paralysis can have you waiting forever. I'm targeting absentee owners and foreclosure owners in the Willow brook and Cypress area. What side of town are you targeting? 

That's awesome man.  Nice area. I live in the Jersey Village area but I think I will be hitting up the Alief Area.  It's where I was born and raised and feel like it would be a good starting point for me since I know the area very well.  I'm curious, what made you choose the Willowbrook and Cypress area?