Appriasial and the requirements for a FHA loan .....

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Good Evening,

I am getting an appraisal done within the next few weeks , and will be purchasing the property with an FHA loan

My question(s) is ..... What is required " Appliances " wise ?

I'm wondering if I will run into any issues if I do not have any appliances in the house

OR , since it has a Gas hookup for a gas stove , is this the only ( Mandatory ) appliance that will have to be in the house when the appraiser come out ?

And also , if there are any small things that I need not overlook, before I get the appraisal done.....  please feel free to share

Thanks so much

Actually, the last one I did, neither a refrigerator nor a stove are required, but if they are there they must be in working order.  Obviously, your lender should know best.

Hi Wayne,

Did you also use an FHA loan ?

And yeah , this property ONLY has a dishwasher in it ( it works ) , but it has o stove, fridge or microwave

I just don' want to have to rush in finding appliances, if I don't have to , in order for the property to pass the Appraisal's recommendations

For FHA, "Built in" appliances, such as the dishwasher must be there, and functional. No free standing appliances required....stove, refrig, etc. But, usually the problem is other rotten wood, no peeling paint, no "trip hazards", electrical and plumbing up to code, windows must function properly, etc. Ssame standards apply to any other storage/out buildings on site.