How do you sell it, if you can't show it...

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It's kind of a weird situation...

We currently have a listing that is a platinum level 4/3 pool home between Disney & Legoland. The home is gorgeous, and truly is a beautiful home.

The problem is that this home has a really good management/rental Company, and the location and quality of the home has it constantly rented.

The owner doesn't want us bothering his renters, which is understandable, we do have a virtual tour and lots of photos on the listing, but when someone is looking at spending $ 200K for a house, they want to see and touch what they are buying.

We are looking for suggestions on how you other Realtors have dealt with this situation in the past.

Thank you,

John Rogers

Florida Trust, LLC

The owner has to realize you need to schedule showings. He could allow 48 hours notice to the tenant's and schedule for times they aren't home.

I'd tell the seller, we have interested buyers however the feedback is none want to put an offer due to not being able to see the home in person. 

When the seller feels he/she is losing the sale, it should make them want to be more flexible. What did they honestly expect, to sell sight unseen? 

Have you tried asking them to set up 1 or 2 Open houses? so that way you can let all the people who want to see the house know what days it will be avaible to show and this way you're not bothering the tenants too much.

Open house, or just narrow the time frames of showings to when the tenants are at work. Example. Only available for showings from 10am to 3pm Tuesday through Thurday

That is the problem... 

These are NOT tenants, they are guests on Holiday here in Florida, and this is a very profitable short term rental with a lot of weekly guests.

@John Rogers Ask the owners what is the slowest day in a week, they should know by now based on past rental history. Tell them to book that day for showings or open-house every 2 weeks for example.

Another idea would be to try and do showings between check-out and next check-in, but that it's a bit harder to do and plan.

If they can't stand to loose $ for that one day every 2 weeks then they might not really need to sell or don't care to sell sooner then later.

Health reasons force the sale... Kind of a shame for them as this shows a profit.

Love the idea about the time between check out and check in as a time to do specific appointments.

I'll try that...

Thank you for the great suggestions all...


All our income listings are drive by only until accepted offer. Have never had an issue getting them sold - simply show the rent roll, and the photographs online. LoopNet is sometimes a better tool than the MLS for these kinds of listings.