Why kingsgate area condo sells much cheaper in Kirkland, wa?

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I'm searching for a rental to invest. I noticed that condos in kingsgate area in Kirkland were listed much lower than those in other areas. Is there any particular reason? Anyone who is familiar with the King county can tell me something about it? I'm a beginner. Bought my first house in August and thinking of getting a rental. Thank you so much.

I'm not familiar enough with the areas, but I did a quick google search and found this thread from a a couple of years ago that may answer a bit of your questions.


Just from reading some of the comments, I think it's like some other areas in and around Washington, that were a bit "dicey" years ago, but are now hidden and affordable "gems" because investors and others will find them; purchase them; rehab them, and flip them to a different type of buyer. 

If you are interested in possibly investing in the area, I'd recommend you taking a ride over there and driving up and down EVER street in a certain radius, that way you'll be able to get a kind of feel for the area. Look at how the properties are maintained; what types of vehicles are in the driveways/carports, etc. Look at the types of restaurants and stores in that area. This can tell a lot about what type of people live in that area, as the stores are a direct reflection on what the people in the immediate area want, and can afford. 

Kingsgate has always been the armpit of Kirkland. However, it is really close to Totem Lake Mall which is supposedly getting a huge remodel very soon. Apparently it is also getting a Whole Foods. Can't do any harm for the house prices.