Starting investing too young at 15

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Hello everyone, I am 15 years old and am eager to get started investing in real estate. The only thing holding me back from fully diving in is that I feel that I am to young to start completing deals and building wealth one step at a time with real estate. Am I to young? Do I need to dedicate the next few years to learning and just wait to get started? Or am I able to jump in right now? Thank you

Welcome to BP. The short answer is that you are too young for "completing deals" because you are a minor. That is to some degree a detail. You can do a lot of things to prepare for your first deal, but you'll need some support... actually quite a bit, hopefully from a parent.

Remember that this is a very capital intensive business. Just keep things in perspective. Small steps. Educating yourself as @Rubelyn P. suggested is the best path to prosperity.