Needing help Investing in CO Springs

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Hey there guys! I'm a 2 year investor who deals basically with multi family homes within Hutchinson KS. I currently have 5 properties which contain 15 units total. I have always wanted to be in Colorado Springs and especially invest there. Any possible information would be greatly appreciated as to make my transition easier and more calculated. I will plan on filing a 1031 exchange at some point to exit my properties within KS. Anyone ever made a jump like this before? I feel it's time I make the next move.

Just so you are aware, Colorado Springs multi-family properties, especially the 4-plexes have been becoming more and more popular, and unfortunately, that means that it is becoming challenging to find a property that cash flows well. They absolutely still exist, just know that they are far and few between here. 


Let's get you started! My wife and I have been dominating the Springs. Let's send you an email drip for all the MFR/SFR that are catered to your rental income needs. What's you email and criteria? Do you have a preferred lender? If not, to easy to provide one. Happy Holidays.

Hello Zach. As real estate brokers, we all have access to the same, primary tool for locating properties which is the MLS. However, there's more to putting solid deals together than locating properties, as anyone with Internet access can do that without a license. When choosing who to work with, it's important to align yourself with a professional who understands your objective, which in this case is a 1031 exchange of your existing properties for like-kind (investment) properties in the Springs. A horse of a different color, it's not as simple as finding suitable properties due the timelines and nuances that can make or break the deal - and your finances.

I wish you all the best in your search for a partner/advisor in this process!